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  • Kant
    • Duty
      • to act morally is to do one's duty, and one's duty is to obey to obey the moral law
        • Conflicting dutiys
      • No emtion
        • Takes away what it is to be human
        • Not influenced by individual subjective view. Everyone is treated the same.
        • As humans is it possible not to act with emotion?
      • duty+ good will = moral ctcion
    • Categorical impreitives
      • Universalisability
        • Actions should only be followed if they can be universalised
          • Less selfish
          • Inflexible
          • Never permit lying- what if by lying you are saving a life?
      • Kingdom of ends
        • Act as though everyone is treating you as an end
          • Relies on everyone doing it
      • Means and ends
        • Dont treat people as means to an end
          • Treat everyone equally and with respect
    • Absolutist
      • Everyone knows where they stand
      • No flexibliity
    • Summum Bonum
      • Ultimate end that humans seek- afterlife
        • Dont believe in afterlife- what is the point
        • Gives people a place to strive to
    • Deontological
      • Looks at action, not concerned with conequences
    • Reason
      • Humans are the highest creatures because we have the ability to reason
      • Less likely to be swayed by deceiving or conflicting circumstances
      • Who is capable of reason?
    • Moral principles are priori (independent of experiences)
    • Intrinsic good
      • Good will is the only intrisicly good thing
        • Only morally right if comes as result of good will
    • Hypothectical  Impreitives
      • tell us what we should do in order to acheive a particular end
        • I need to revises in order to pass the exam
  • Underpins ideas of human rights
    • Dont treat people as means to an end
      • Treat everyone equally and with respect


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