Give an account of Kant's ethical theory.

This is a copy of the Kantian Ethics essay I did. It has both the 25 mark and 10 mark questions answered, the 10 mark question is mostly discussing Euthanasia with the application of Kantian Ethics - meaning what Kant would say about Euthanasia.

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a. Give an account of Kant's ethical theory. (25marks)

The ethical theory by Kant is a deontological argument consisting of absolute moral
law attributes. This means that it is only concerned with the intrinsic worth of an
action and is not open to exceptions to the rule; this then allows…

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that people that are suicidal and do not accept help, are not only preventing others
from fulfilling their duty but are acting irrationally themselves and not able to fulfil
their own duty. Kant would argue that by doing your duty, you are increasing your
chances of reaching Summon Bonum ­…

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`Kant's ethical theory is a good approach to euthanasia.'
Discuss. (10 marks)

Despite there being several definitions of euthanasia for different situations ­
involuntary and voluntary ­ Kant would still object to it. Kant's ethical theory is a
good approach to euthanasia as Kant along with his theory is absolute.…


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