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To check your files and bring them to next
lesson. I will be taking them in to check with
Mrs J.
(If you feel you are missing anything then
you need to come and see me asap)
Wednesday 11th November…read more

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Topic 3: Immanuel Kant
Kant's understanding of pure reason, a priori
knowledge and objectivity.
Practical moral reason ­ hypothetical and
categorical imperatives.
Kant's ideas of the moral law, good will, duty and
the summum bonum.
The strengths and weaknesses of Kant's theory
of ethics.
How to apply Kantian ethics to ethical dilemmas.…read more

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Kant and Duty
L.O: Identifying what Kant's idea of duty
1724 ­ 1804
Born in Prussia (now Germany)
Last of the enlightenment
(concerned with reason and
authority) thinkers.
Professor at university in Logic
and Metaphysics.
In 1792 he was forbidden by the
King to write or teach on religious
subjects. This was because he
was concerned with rationalism
rather than revelation.…read more

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Linking ideas...
Aristotle = eudamonia Kant = summum
State of supreme good. When
Living in a fulfilled
virtue and happiness come
and happy society.
+…read more

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Duty = A motive for acting in a certain
way which shows moral quality.
For each of the following images write
down the role of the person and what you
think their duty is.…read more

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