Kantian ethics mindmap

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  • Kantian ethics
    • catergorical imperatives
      • universal law
      • a kingdom of ends
      • treat humans as ends not merely as means
    • postulates of reason
      • gods existence
      • freedom
      • immorality
    • good will+duty=moral action
    • hypothetical impertative
    • background knowledge on kant
      • Deontelogical,
      • Absolute
      • Objective.
      • a-priori
      • Untitled
    • Kantian ethics critisms
      • conflicting dutys
      • kingdon ends cannot work as everyone not good and follow catergorical imperative
      • kant believes in @eye for eye: thus conflicting with other belieffs of his disproprtionalte actions
      • kants a spiciest
    • good points on kants theory
      • Kant's morality is straightfoward - based on reason
      • Moral value comes from the action itself
      • Gives us rules that appply to everyone
      • It aims to treat everyone fairly and justly
      • human beings are of intrinsic worth


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