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  • Kant
    • What is Kant's theory of Ethics
      • Believed in an objective right and wrong based on reason
      • Maxim
        • A general rule in accordance with which we intend to act
      • Opposed the view that moral judgements are culturally relative
      • View is deontological - right takes precedence over the good
      • Moral absolutes
    • Copernican revolution
      • A priori knowledge
      • Kant was aganist the rationalists and empiricists
      • 'What does it mean to know' - universal knowledge
        • Knowledge - epistemology
      • Knowledge of how the world appears to us
        • humans can never know the world as it truely is
          • Kant believed we were pre-programmed
            • We as humans are limited
    • Kant's moral theory
      • 'ought' is something which cannot simply depend on external facts
      • Moral theory - the groundwork of metaphysics of morals
      • Good will
    • Actions is accordance with pure practical reason
  • Actions is accordance with pure practical reason


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