Freud & Jung: Similarities & Differences

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  • Both believe in the conscious and unconscious mind
  • Childhood experiences shape adulthood
    • Freud: the Oedipus Complex
    • Jung: archetypes produced when combined with knowledge gained from experience
  • Religion stems from the unconscious mind
    • Freud: wishful thinking and collective neurosis
    • Jung: the archetypal process of individuation
  • They wish to change the public view of religion
    • Freud: it should slowly be replaced with scientific understanding
    • It is essential to be a content and balanced person
  • Both have very little evidence to base their theories upon
    • Freud: only 5 case studies who are exceptions to society
    • Jung: the archetypes are a part of the subconscious mind so can never be seen and proven to exist
  • Both agree on the existence of libido - our driving force
  • Religion is universal and affects everyone
    • Freud: we all


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