Jewish Myths Believed By Some German People And Indoctrinated By The Nazis.

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  • Jewish Myths Believed By Some Jewish People And Indoctrinated By The Nazis.
  • There was always anti-Semitism widespread in Germany, even before the Nazis.
    • Anti-Semitism did originated from the Middle Ages, however by 1933 Jews were fully and properly integrated into society and an example of this is that Jewish to non-Jewish marriages were common by 1933.
  • Jews owned many large businesses in Germany and they therefore profited from the economic issues of the early 1920s and 1930s caused by the Treaty of Versailles.
    • Some Jews did own large businesses, however they did not won every single one. Also, Jews belonged to all classes.
  • Jews cowards and pacifists and this meant that their refusal to fight in WW1 lead to Germany's longer-term impact defeat in 1918.
    • Many Jews fought in WW1 and some even review the Iron Cross for their bravery and service.
  • All Jews were communists and they therefore lead the communist revolution in 1917 and they would therefore lead Germany into communism as well.
    • Some leading communists were Jews, however Jews belonged to large spectrum of political parties and mind sets.
  • Germany was dominated by Jews in power.
    • In the year of 1933, there were only 505,000 Jews out of a German population of 67 million and their influence was limited. For example: in the Weimar Republic, only a few key ministers were Jewish.
  • Jews were racially inferior.
    • There is absolutely no scientific evidence that proves that Jews are racially inferior and there is only a single 'race' of humans, according to science.


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