The Person of Jesus


The term 'Messiah' comes from the Hebrew 'mashiah' meaning 'anointed one'. It is translated into Greek as 'Christ'. It is typically associated with a warrior King who would defeat the enemies of God.

Old Testament:

  • Most scholars believe there to be a Messianic message in most of the OT
  • However, God might employ one or more figures, or maybe even none at all
  • A forthcoming birth documented in Isaiah is taken to be classic Messianic passages

What is the Messiah?

  • A human figure: true of Jesus
  • Someone of Davidic descent (Matthew's Gospel - 14 generations with King David included that lead to Jesus): true of Jesus
  • He will establish a reign of peace: debatable of Jesus
  • Special concern will be given to the poor: true of Jesus
  • A warrior: Jesus seems radically pacifist
  • One who will suffer: true of Jesus or post resurrection reflection?

Did Jesus accept this title of Messiah?

Jesus seems to accept the title of Messiah twice, which is when he is questioned by the authorities. Jesus rejects the title as he tells the…


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