Jane Eyre Chpt 4

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 4
    • “she had drawn a more marked line of separation than ever between me and her own children” pg 33
      • Jane as a child at Mrs Reed’s is very isolated
        • Social position
    • “I say scarcely voluntary, for it seemed as if my tongue pronounced words without my will” pg 34
      • Jane’s passion is out of control
    • “To this crib I always took my doll; human beings must love something."
      • Jane craves for love and attention
    • “The remains of my breakfast of bread and milk stood on the table, and, having crumbled a morsel of roll, I was tugging at the sash to put out the crumbs on the window-sill"
      • Typical Gothic Heroine behaviour
    • “I looked up at - a black pillar! - such, at least, appeared to me, at first sight, the straight, narrow, sable-clad shape standing erect on the rug; the grim face at the top was like a carved mask, placed above the shaft by the way of capital.” pg 38
      • Description of Mr Brocklehurst shows him as powerful and superior
        • Corrupt and hostile character
          • Gothic villain
        • First example of the three types of religious people in 19th century England
      • “What a face he had, now that it was almost on a level with mine! what a great nose! and what a mouth! and what large prominent teeth!” pg 39
        • Intertextuality - Little Red Riding Hood
    • “‘No? Oh, shocking! I have a little boy, younger than you who knows six Psalms by heart:” pg 40
      • Hypocrite
        • Foreshadows the way he treats the children at Lowood
    • “‘I am glad you are no relation of mine. I will never call you aunt again as long as I live. I will never come to see you when I am grown up;” pg 44
      • Jane has finally released her feelings about Mrs Reed
        • Makes the reader support Jane further and root for her
          • “I was left there alone - winner of the field. It was the hardest battle I had fought, and the first victory I had gained” pg 45
            • Foreshadowing
            • Jane portrayed as good for being passionate
    • “‘ a little roving, solitary thing’” pg 47
      • Jane doesn’t seem quite human
        • Foreshadows Rochesters view on her
    • “‘Because you’re such a queer. frightened, shy, little thing. You should be bolder.’” pg 47
      • Foreshadows Jane becoming bolder


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