Jane Eyre Chpt 16

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 16
    • Page 180 last paragraph foreshadows Bertha going into Jane’s room the day before her wedding
      • Jane thinks Grace Poole is trying to kill her
    • “you are not beautiful either, and perhaps Mr Rochester approves you” pg 182
      • Jane wants Rochester to love her
    • “‘You,’ I said, ‘a favourite with Mr Rochester"
      • Aggressive language used
    • “and draw in chalk your own picture faithfully, without softening one defect, omit no harsh line, smooth away no displeasing irregularity; write under it, “Portrait of Governess, disconnected,poor, and plain” pg 187
      • Jane hates her looks and position in society
      • “Blanche, an accomplished lady of rank"
        • Punishing herself


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