Jane Eyre chpt 28

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 28
    • Language direct and unsentimental reflects mental state
    • Chapter full of Pathos makes the reader pity her
    • Show’s Jane at her most vulnerable and weakest point
    • The wildness juxtaposes the domestic atmosphere of the Rivers cottage
    • Page 373 Jane creates her own God who has unlimited power to help her
      • Jane is highly emotional at this point due to the situation she is in
      • Romanticism movement
        • Natures ability to teach morality
    • “I reflected. I was driven to the point now. I was brought face to face with Necessity.” Page 375
      • Personification emphasis lack of power and her position in society
    • “'I began once more to know myself;'"
      • Seen to be a criminal and bigger Jane’s personality is back
    • Treatment of Jane throughout this chapter shows the lack of concern for the lower/ workingclass in the 19th century
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