Jane Eyre Chpt 24

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 24
    • Queen Victoria wore flamboyant dresses
      • Clothes were a reflection of someone’s morality finery was for prostitutes
    • “I’I will myself put the diamond chain round your neck’” page 299
      • Rochester is dressing Jane up as his possession - doll
      • Jane doesn’t want to be changed
    • “I crushed his hand, which was ever hunting mine, vigorously, and thrust it back to him red with the passionate pressure” page 310
      • Passion and violence
    • “Her coming was my hope each day, Her parting was my pain” page 313
      • Foreshadows Jane leaving
    • “I asked with asperity, ‘whom he was going to marry now?"
      • Hints to the wedding be canceled
    • “I could not, in those days, see God for His creature: of whom I made an idol” page 316
      • Treats Rochester as god and ignoring the actual God
        • Highlights Jane’s obsession


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