Jane Eyre Chpt 22

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 22
    • The description of the nature on page 281 matches the mood of the scene
      • Symbolises Jane’s richness and expectations
      • “Well, he s not a ghost; yet every nerve I have is unstrung: for a moment I am beyond my own mastery” Pg 282
        • Jane is struggling to control her emotions
    • “An impulse held me fast - a force turned me round, I said - or something in me said for me, and in spite of me” page 283
      • Inappropriate for Jane to show passion to Rochester
    • “This was very pleasant; there is no happiness like that of being loved by your fellow-creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort” page 284
      • Jane wants to be loved not a burden
      • Aimed at Mrs Fairfax, Adele and Sophie
    • “alas! never had I loved him so well.” page 285
      • Aims her passion at Rochester
      • “alas” contradicts the idea of love - oxymoron
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