Jane Eyre Chpt 21

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 21
    • Jane’s dream on page 224 foreshadow’s Jane having a child with Rocester
      • Theme of dreams
    • “On a dark, misty, raw morning in January, I had left a hostile roof with a desperate and embittered heart” page 262
      • Reflects how she feels about Gateshead
    • Page 267 makes the reader feel sympathetic and makes us aware Mrs Reed does have feelings
      • Talks about Jane in 3rd person foreshadows her telling Jane’s uncle
    • “Reed pitied it; and he used to nurse it and notice it as if it had been his own: more, indeed than he ever noticed his own at that age” page 267
      • Reader finds out why Mrs Reed hates Jane and why Gateshead is the way it is
      • Jane is jealous of the attention Jane received
    • Page 270 being a catholic is portrayed as a bad thing by Bronte
    • The description of Eliza on page 270 shows her as self sacrificing and  how she takes the moral high ground
      • Becomes a nun
        • Isolated life
        • One of the few options for woman
      • Intelligent woman but not worth much because of her brother’s gambling problem
      • Georgiana’s description juxtaposes Eliza’s and shows her aim as a woman is to marry well
        • Both sister’s represent the two types of upperclass woman
    • Jane being able to forgive Mrs Reed on page 276 is very Gothic heroine like
      • Jane has all the important qualities of a gothic heroine


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