Jane Eyre Chpt 38

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  • Jane Eyre Chapter 38
    • Bronte makes sure Jane gets what she never got by allowing Jane to choose who she marries - statement of freedom, reminder not take things for granted. Page 517
    • It’s Jane’s choice to marry him bit odd during the 19th century
    • “Reader, I married him."
      • Links to the other examples of direct address in the novel
      • The sentence is simple like Jane
    • “‘She’ll happen do better for him nor only o’ t’ grand ladies.’ And again, ‘if she ben’t one oath’ handsomest, she’s non fall, and varry good-natured; and i’ his een she’s fair beautiful, anybody may see that.’"
      • Giving Jane power
      • People of lower class have better morals
      • Jane still not the ideal woman not beautiful
      • Beauty and the eye
      • Broken away from society
    • “As she grew up, a sound English education corrected in a great measure her French defects” Page 519
      • Bronte still influenced by prejudice against other people from other countries


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