Jane Eyre Chpt 17

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  • Jane Eyre chpt 17
    • “a fiery glow which suddenly rose to my face. Why my hand shook, and why I involuntarily spilt had the contents of my cup onto my saucer, I did not choose to consider"
      • No control over her passion
    • “All I had gathered from it amounted to this - that there was a mystery at Thornfield; and that from participation in that mystery I was purposely excluded” pg 192
      • Further mystery about Thornfield
        • Jane feels isolated
    • “It had been a mild, serene spring day - be if those days which, towards the end of March or the beginning of April, rise shining over the earth as heralds of summer” pg 193
      • Pathetic Fallacy reflects how Jane feels about Rochester
    • “The next day was as fine as its predecessor” pg 196
      • Weather is not reflecting Jane’s feelings
    • “I retired to a window-seat” pg 198
      • Shows she is still alone
        • The fact that she is separated from the upper class emphasises her position of a governess which is sub-marginal
    • “she laughed continually; her laugh was satirical, and so was the habitual expression of her arched and haughty lip” pg 200
      • Jane is finding fault in Blanche
        • Emphasises Jane’s jealousy
    • “the reader knows I had wrought hard to extirpate from my soul the germs of love there detected” pg 203
      • Can’t control her passion
      • Direct address, adult Jane trying to almost condemn her feelings
    • “I should think , a dozen at least in our day; half of them detestable and the rest ridiculous, and all incubi” pg 205
      • Incubi = female demon who attacks men when they sleep
      • Show’s Blanche isn’t well educated - thickle
      • Bronte is emphasising the stereotyping based around Jane’s position during the 19th century
        • Bronte is showing how the class system doesn’t really matter
    • “Good-night, my-‘ He stopped, bit his lip, and abruptly left me” pg 210
      • Rochester controlling his passion, not a typical gothic hero


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