Izmit, Turkey - August 17th 1999 Earthquake

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  • Izmit, Turkey - August 17th 1999 Earthquake
    • CAUSES
      • Plate Movement
        • Eurasian plate moving south
        • Arabian plate moving north west
        • African plate moving north
      • Fault lline
        • North Anatolian fault - a conservative boundary
      • Epicentre
        • Izmit - the ground around this area consists of very soft clay or loose sand layers which move much more than solid rock
      • Destruction over  a wide are - in Istanbul, 50km away from the epicentre , buildings were destroyed
      • Almost all deaths were due to collapsed buildings. 65000 buildings collapsed in Yalova alone
      • Hospitals in Gebze ran out of hospital beds, causing more suffering for the injured
      • 18000 died; 300000 left homeless
      • In Golchuk there was a solid jam of vehicles  along the main road causing problems for rescue workers
      • A tidal surge was caused and swept into Izmit Bay on the Sea of Marmara, smashing boats and marooning a ferry in an amusement park. it hit the resort Degirmendee at 6m high
      • Two years after the earthquake more than 20000 people were still living in temporary accommodation, some in tents most in prefabricated huts.
      • The oil refinery at Korfez was burning out of control for days causing damage to local ecosystems
      • The toxic waste dump at Petkim cracked, exposing waste that had been there or years.
        • There was damage to a PVC factory and a waste treatment plant causing raw sewage to contaminate rivers and kill fish
      • The earthquake cause massive land movement, some land was reclaimed by the sea of Marmara
      • In Yalova near a chlorine plant, a factory producing synthetic fibres had some chemical leaks
      • Throughout the area people suffered from diarrhoea due to lack of clean water and spillages of untreated sewage.
        • There were concerns cholera would infect the area
      • Turkey's largest oil refinery in Tupras caught fire. 700000 tonnes of oil burnt.
        • This caused large quantities of pollution in the air, water and land. this affected local people with breathing illnessses


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