mozambique floods

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How far were people responsible for the high number of deaths in the 1999 Turkish
The Turkish earthquake near the town of Izmit happened on the 17th of august 1999 and was
a very catastrophic for the people of turkey, with this particular city counted a 100 people per
kilometre squared, and the entire city populated at 1,411,845 overall when the earthquake hit at
3:20 in the morning last 45 seconds and reaching a staggering 7.1 on the Richter scale there was
some controversy about how well prepared the people of the towns was for this kind of disaster
even though they was situated on the Anatolian fault line with nearly the statistics for this disaster
are staggering with over 6070% of buildings near the fault line collapsing and by a single
contractor 550 out of 600 buildings built by them collapsed, this building collapses lead to the
600 000 homeless people and with rescue efforts by emergency services disrupted ultimately
lead to 15 000 people killed by this earthquake and a further 24 000 injured. This is what I will
be approaching in this essay is to assess the extent to which people was responsible for the high
number of deaths in the 1999 Turkish earthquake whether it was the fault of poor building, poor
services work and not good enough preparation or whether it was inevitable disaster that
nobody could of prevented.
The natural causes and factors of this earthquake do play a very important underlying role, the
sheer magnitude of this earthquake was 7.1 on the Richter scale which places this at a extremely
large earthquake, this coupled along with the sheer duration of 45 seconds without aftershocks
of this earthquake would of provided intense earthquake would of toppling the poorest
constructed buildings. Other factors which would of lead to the possible maximising of the

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Being that most people at this time would be in bed, and therefore
in their homes being that most of the people in these shoddy buildings would be squashed. The
unpredictability of the earthquakes are another factor if it was possible to predict them then the
possibility to save human life would increase dramatically. This tells me a lot about the title and
the fact that this was a huge devastating earthquake which would have happened regardless of
what the Turkish could do.…read more


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