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What are the risk
How can tectonics
associated with
create hazards?
Volcanic Eruption- Floodplain in a
Montserrat (1995-97) MEDC ­ River Jordan
in Boscastle (2004)
Rivers Zambezi and
Earthquake- Izmit, Limpopo in
Turkey (1999) Mozambique -
LEDC (2000)…read more

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Montserrat, Volcanic Eruption…read more

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Montserrat, Volcanic Eruption
FACTFILE Convection currents move the plates in
· Volcanic activity started in this case causing molten rock to be
1995, after 350 years of formed, this `magma' then starts to rise
dormant,. as it is lighter, as it rises as a think sticky
·Currently 14 years of activity lava, it forms a dome at the top, and as
·Atlantic plate has been more forms eventually collapses
forced under the Caribbean sending out hot ash and rocks out of
plate. the volcano this being a ­ Pyroclastic
flow on 25th June 1997 1pm!
Land between the eruption Was made barren of trees, plants and vegetation
covered with a layer of ash, not even aluminium shutter could stop the flow, as
home sand entire villages burnt, and were destroyed. Homes destroyed and 19
people who died because they decide to stay even after being asked to leave.
Airport never re-opened, anyone trying to escape in a car would have not been
able to see the road or have shredded tyres, no matter how fast they drove!…read more

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July 1995 ­ Chances peak, a dormant volcano erupts after 350 years of non activity
August 1995- 2/3 of the population are evacuated to the north of the Island
April 1996 ­ The capital , Plymouth, is evacuated
June/July 1997 ­ Pyroclastic flows (rivers of hot gas, ash, mud and rock moving at
very high speed at temperatures of about 500°C) covers large areas of the south of
the island destroying many buildings by fire. Valleys and Forests are covered in ash
and lava , 23 killed. Two thirds of the islands housing and ¾ of the infrastructure is
Over half the islands population left in Montserrat, mainly for the neighbouring
Island of Antigua, the USA or the UK. Many other were forced into temporary
Economic , Social and Environmental Effects
·Before 1995- the population had been declining
·Each tourist season mainly villa tourists from N. America increases the population
·By Nov 1997 ­population less than 3500
·May 1999 rise to 4500
·Tourism could be increase with people visiting to look at the destruction, including
scientists!…read more

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IZMIT ,TRUKEY (1999)…read more

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