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  • USA Isolationism
    • Great Depression - need to focus on domestic issues
      • A combination of the Great Depression and the memory of the tragic losses of World War 1 contributed to pushing American public opinion and policy towards isolationism
        • Isolationism advocates non-involvement in European and Asian conflicts and non entanglement between international politics
    • US Interests and security not directly affected
      • The United States continued to expand economically and protect its interest in Latin America
      • The expense of the Atlantic Ocean provided the United States with the ability to enjoy a kind of "free security' and remain separate from Old world conflicts.
    • No credible naval force to back up any threats
      • United States took measures to avoid political and military conflicts across the oceans
      • Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president and democrat, hated the idea of war and very much so after the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers in WW1
    • Stimson non-recognition doctrine
      • In 1932, the policy declared in a note to Japan and China that the US would not recognize any international territorial changes brought about by force. It was enacted after Japan's military seizure of Manchuria in 1931.
      • Secretary of State Henry Stimson declared in 1932 that the United States would honor its treaty obligations under the Nine-Power Treaty (1922) by refusing to recognize the legitimacy of any regime like "Manchukuo" that had been established by force.
    • Trade with Japan
      • policy enacted by Tokugawa shogunate under Tokugawa limitsu through a number of edicts and policies from1633-1639
        • Ended after 1853 when the American black ships were commanded by Matthew Perry
    • Impact of the first World War - no more involvement in  European Quarrels
      • treaty of Versailles and league of nations.
        • USA voted not to join league of nations didn't want to interfere in European affairs.


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