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  • AS English Literature Wider Reading
    • Gender
      • "You black, you poor, you ugly, you a woman"
        • When insulting Celie, Mr calls her a woman last, perhaps suggesting that being a woman is the worst insult, typical view of the patriarchal society
    • Sexuality
      • "I saw you know! You disgust me!"
        • After Blanche catches her husband Mitch with a man, she confronts him and tells him that he "disgusts her" this is the typical attitude of the time as homosexuals were treated as though they had something wrong with them.
      • "Gets like bowling"
        • Happy compares seducing women to being like bowling, perhaps a reference to the saying "bowling someone over"
        • However it could also suggest that sexual relations with women are just a game to him and it's an "easy game" which could imply that all women are sexually promiscuous
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Class
    • Isolation
      • "You better never not tell nobody but God, it'd kill your mammy"
        • After the **** and abuse, Pa forbids Celie from tell anybody about what has happened which as a result leaves her isolated and presents God as her salvation
      • "Does anyone see a soul worth saving?"




this was so helpful for my exam, so much detail went into this mind map. So MANY useful points im going to smash my exam with this.. THANKS BBZ :):)::):):):)):):):):)

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