erikson's psychosocial dilemmas

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  • Erikson's psychosocial dilemmas (conflict b/w personal impulses and social world) due to new developmental tasks that must be mastered for optimal dev
    • stage 1: trust (warmth, touching, love and care) vs mistrust (inadequate/unpredictable care, cold, rejecting parents) - can lead to insecurity, suspiciousness or inability to relate to to others
    • stage 2: autonomy vs shame - parents must encourage children to try new skills but their first efforts can be accidental - if ridiculed or overprotected, they might have caused her to feel shameful about her actions and doubt her abilities
    • stage 3: initiative vs guilt - feelings of guilt about initiating activities are formed if parents criticize severely, prevent play or discourage a child's questions
    • stage 4: industry vs inferiority: conflict in middle childhood - lack of support for productive activities can lead to inferiority
    • stage 5: identity vs role confusion:conflict of adolescence - role confusionoccurs when they dont know who they are and where they are going
    • stage 6: intimacy vs isolation: ability to care about others and share experiences with them
    • stage 7: generativity vs stagnation - caring about one's childrenorby helping other children - cannot be achieved if a person is stagnant with one's own needs and comforts
    • stage 8: integrity vs despair:self respect and dignity vs remorse and regret


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