The Snow Child

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  • The Snow Child
    • present tense narrative
      • technique from oral narrative i.e folklore
      • Carter's initial subversion of fairy tale genre
    • Count
      • Male power
        • "The Count and his wife"
      • Wants a child - subversion of traditional 'Snow White'
        • Desire
          • Paternal or sexual??
    • Countess
      • Femme fatale
      • Jealousy
        • 'evil step mother' true to original tale
    • Snowchild
      • Virginal
        • "white skin, red mouth, black hair”
          • White symbol of purity
          • red symbolises his desire
      • innocent
      • Victim
        • "bleeds; screams; falls"
          • death is a sudden surprising turning point
            • Given it's own paragraph - shows her isolation
              • shift in tone fairy tale surrealism to sexual and disturbing
                • Count's morally offensive actions
                  • "thrust his virile member into the dead girl”
      • Given a lot of physical description
        • Suggests she is an object of visual pleasure
    • Rose
      • Symbolic of beauty, but also danger
        • Possibly representing the Countess
        • Or a representation of the Counts love- his desire is dangerous and violent
          • "It bites."
            • Final line: concludes his violence towards his wife and 'child'
  • Introduced first shows dominance
    • ''His' suggests her to be his possession
    • "The Count and his wife"
  • invasive
    • disturbing
      • Carter's comment/ warning on being a passive female
        • 'Snow child' remains silent
    • "thrust his virile member into the dead girl”


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