Religious views on cloning

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  • Cloning
    • Islam
      • in favour of therapeutic cloning
        • Embroyo does not have soul till later stages
        • Scientific research can "reveal the signs of GOD in His creation" (the Islamic Code of Medical Ethics) and help others
      • Against human cloning
        • research "should not tamper with the human personality" (Islamic Code of Medical Ethics)
        • may disrupt the social framework
          • important objective of Islamic Law
      • Against therapeutic cloning
        • immoral to destroy embryos at any stage to harvest stem cells
          • agree with catholic church
    • Christianity
      • against therapeutic cloning
        • "Involve the manipulation and destruction of human embryos, are not morally acceptable, even when their proposed goal is god in itself"
          • Previous Pope John Paul II
        • Morally unacceptable as creates life with aim of experimentation and destruction
      • Against Human cloning
        • If human beings were cloned, would they have human dignity? Would they have souls?
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        • Would create " substantial issues of identity and individuality."
          • Goes against traditional Christian family model
        • "human reproductive cloning was made unlawful. Few member of the Church of England would dissent from tsucha position."
          • From church of england website
      • For therapeutic cloning
        • May be thought a ethical as does not result in another human being
          • Church of England on website


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