Medical Ethics


Abortion is when a women terminates or ends the life of a developing foetus in her womb.
Some believe the foetus is human life since conception. However others believe the foetus is not human life unitl it can survive outside the womb.

Pro-life- support the life and rights of the foetus/baby
Pro-choice- support the choice of the mother. In the UK abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks.

Religious Teachings
Catholics against abortion, God created all life and it is sacred. Unborn babies should have the same rights. Ten Com.. "do not kill"

Some Christians- "before i formed you in the womb i knew you, before you were born i set you apart" implying god has a plan for life and if we destroy life we interfere with Gods plan.
Believe it is better to go through with pregancy then adoption.
Many Protestants believe life is sacred, but times when abortion is necessary;
****, Handicapped, Mother in danger.
Other Views- Ulitimately if the mother is the carrier of the child and is the life support for the baby it is her choice.

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Voluntary- when the person concerned asks them to help them die
Involuntary- when relatives or medical experts decide to end someones live
Catholic Church and C.O.E think euthanasia is morally wrong because:
- body is a temple of god
- you shall not murder
- only god owns life only he can take it away (sanctity of life)
- suffering is seen as having a purpose in life
However, they do believe it is acceptable to refuse life preserving treatment
Catholic Church accept the double effect- medicine used to relieve pain and speed death
Chrisitians support HospiceMovement- helps people die with dignity


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In the past people who had commited suicide could not be buried on holy ground as they had no faith in God to care for them and help them. Some Christians like the quakers believe if they are suffering greatly they should be able to die. This belief comes from quality of life. "love thy neighbour as yourself"

- Honour their wishes, some people have suffered enough, most loving thing to do, God wants people to be loving.
Other Views-  if you are not religious then religious commands do not apply.
Euthanasia and Suicide could be seen as a loving thing to do.
God has given humans knowledge to reduce suffering so could argue that we could use techniques to help people die as part of our medical processes.

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Conception of human embryo outside the womb.
Used when a couple are unable to concieve naturally

AIH- Artifiical Insemination By Husband
AID -Artificail Insemination By Donor

Some Christians would argue that using IVF you are playing God "Hannah had no children because the Lord had closed her womb" Some Christians say God has plans for some women to remain childless. Others would argue that a loving God would want people to use technology to have children

-Similiar to having an abortion, embroyos are destroyed after mother has no use for them
-Process of AID could be seen as adultery
-Alternative to IVF is adoption

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Types of Cloning
1.DNA Cloning, multiple identical copies are made of a DNA sequence
2.Reproductive Cloning, used to produce an animal with the same DNA as another animak
3.Theraputic Cloning, production of embroys in order to gather stem cells for research
Responses to Cloning

-Destruction of ebmroyos is seen as murder
-Only God is the giver of life
- Christians recognise that God has given us intelligence
-Cloning could be said to be a loving act as its purpose is to save lives

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Medical Research

Christian teaching
Humans are the most important part of Gods creation, they were given responsibility over animals
Humans have a soul, potenital to have a place in heaven,animals do NOT
Adam named all animals , showing authority over them
In the Gospel of Mark Jesus healed a man possessed by demons, by sending the demons into a herd of pigs
However Christians believe we have a responsibilty that animals are cared for and NOT abused/mistreated

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Euthanasia - Easy and gentle death
Quality of Life - A life free from pain and suffering
IVF- InVitroFertilisation
Sanctity of Life - Life is sacred and holy and belongs to God
Cloning- Identical copies of a life made from DNA
Hospice- A place of rest for the dying
Playing God - Demeaning or undermining God

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