Interpretations of the motives for collectivisation

These are a few different historical interpretations of the motives for collectivisation which may help you gain higher marks. Please feel free to correct/ask questions :)

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  • Interpretations of the motives for collectivisation
    • Gained its own momentum
      • Arch Getty
      • Stalin did not have sole power
      • Many party members supported dekulakisation
    • 'Caught up in the process'
      • Did not plan an agricultural revolution
      • Procurement Crisis
        • Requisition of grain
          • Dekulakisation
            • Collectivisation
      • Several factors caused each other
    • Combination
      • Collectivisation was always a long term aim
      • Stalin needed to discredit the right
      • Stalin's desire for power
      • Reliable and cheap food suppliers needed
      • Collectivisation was a quick solution
    • Political
      • Consolidate power
      • Crush opposition
      • Centralise power
      • Strike at party  as well as agriculture
    • Economic (to further soviet agriculture)
      • Mechanisation
      • Greater producitivity
      • Force needed


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