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  • Collectivisation
    • Ideological
      • Peasants still using traditional farming methods
      • Peasants attitudes remained conventional
      • Lack of revolutionary spirit
      • Produced for themselves rather than for community
      • Led many communists to believe that collectivisation was essential if capitalist peasants were to embrace socialism
    • Political
      • Stalin motivated by struggle against Bukharin and party's rightwing
      • Radical nature of collectivisation appealed to party's leftwing
      • Stalin had peasant background
        • Had visited a farm once in his adult life
        • Believed Russia's agriculture could be transformed by an act of will and strong leadership
    • Grain Procurement crisis
      • Catalyst which ended NEP
      • Price of grain  rose
        • Kulak's withheld grain
          • Pushed prices up further
          • Stalin called it the 'Kulak Grain Strike'
            • Peasants could hold the government to ransom
            • Peasant ideology was capitalist


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