Industry on the Coast: Southampton Water

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  • Industry on the coast: Southampton
    • It is an estuary (were salt meets fresh water) and is a ria (a valley formed after the last ice ages' glaciers melting)
      • Has deepwater channels for larger boats can naturally fit through there
      • There is plenty of flat, usable land
    • Pressures and problems on Southampton water
      • There is a salt marsh (an SSSI site) next to an oil refinery and a large docking station, it has lost biodiversity due to the pollution
        • These industrial developments have led to the water being heated to 30 degrees Celsius, meaning many marine wildlife will die
          • This liquid waste is called EFFLUENT
          • The main oil refinery in this area is called Fawley, it has 3000 people working there and it handles 2000 ships a year and 22 million tonnes of crude oil
        • Metal pollution were runoff's of lead and magnesium fall into the sea and pollute  and kill the wildlife
      • New housing builds create problems for sewage disposal
      • Coastal Squeeze!
    • Pressures on Southampton Water
      • The expansion of suburbs and villages means there is a lot of human activitiy close to the estuary


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