How are coasts used as a valuable resource? CASE STUDY-Southampton/The Solent

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  • Coasts; how are they used as a valuable economic & environmental resource? THE SOLENT-Case Study
    • Transportation
      • Cruise Terminal; UK's busiest cruise port handling over 200 cruise ships a year and 700,000 passengers,
      • Roll on/roll off facility; 750,000 vehicles are delivered from Asia, N.America and Africa. The vehicle storage compound holds 6000 cars.
    • Industry
      • Fawley Chemical Manufacture Plant; Produces over 1million tonnes of chemical products used in paint, adhesives and rubber. 80% of chemicals are exporters by deepwater terminal
    • Recreation
      • Calshot Activities Centre; one of the largest outdoor activity centres in the UK, specialising in water-based activities such as wind-surfing, canoeing, sailing and water skiing.
      • Thorness Bay Holiday Village; Holiday park overlooking the sea with a range of land & water based activities for family holidays.
    • Settlement
      • Southampton-has a population over 250,000
    • Conservation
      • Dibden Bay: Area of mudflats and grasslands home to thousands of wild birds; important coastal environment recognised by the RSPB (Royal Society Protection for Birds).
      • Keyhaven Nature Reserve; S/W of The Solent. Extends 2000 acres of salt marsh. Supports nationally and internationally migrating birds.
    • Power
      • Exxon Mobil Oil Refinery;  Largest refinery in the UK. Handles over 2000 ship movements a year and the refinery takes oil from around the world and turns it into fuels & petrochemi-cals. Supplies about 15% of all petroleum products in the UK.
      • Fawley Power Station; Largest oil-fired power station in the UK.


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