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Types of coast

1. Trade Coast- a coast with good transport links e.g. a port that imports and exports things.
2. Recreational Coast- A coast that is used for leisure
3. Residential Coast- a coast where people live.
4. Resource Coast- a coast that is used for mass production…

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Crowded Coasts


Benidorm's population has grown ridiculously since 1960 when it had 6,200 people, to now when
it has over 500,000 people in summer. Benidorm has lovely climate, plenty of flat land, it is
accessible, natural bay, with a sheltered harbour. Unregulated planning means that there is plenty

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Holderness Coast

The Holderness is 61km long and the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, caused by hydraulic
action from the sea. It erodes so quickly because of the weak geology and cliff morphology. Also
the power of the waves is so strong (due to the long fetch from the Arctic…

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gabions to the south of Hornsea to protect the caravan sites. Easington gas terminal is also
protected by revetment. The problem with hard engineering is that it can cause problems further
down drift. E.g. the cliffs south of Mappleton have increased erosion and the Cowden Farm is now
at increased…


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