Inchon landing - Korean War

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    • BEFORE
      • By September, US had suffered 8000 casualties
      • Although 50 countries pledged some kind of support, only Britain had arrivedd
      • Against the advice of other military experts, MacArthur undertook the successful landing at Inchon with the backing of President Truman
      • September 1950 - MacArthur advocated a landing 200 miles behind the North Korean lines at Inchon
      • Despite South Koreans and Americans talking freely about the landing, North Koreans were taken by surprise.
        • Inchon was soon taken
          • Americans at Inchon advanced towards Seoul, while others worked their way to the Pusan Perimeter
            • As US/UN/ROK forces advanced from behind the Pusan Perimeter they saw North Korean atrocities
      • MacArthur retook the South Korean capital Seoul
        • Syngman Rhee thanked MacArthur on behalf of the South Korean people for saving their nation.
        • Inchon had proved MacArthur right


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