AS History Unit 1

Unit 1 book, Dates for sufficient chronologically..chapter 1-3

The Origins of the Korean War

What year was the 38th parallel accepted by the US & USSR as a dividing line between North & South Korea?

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The Origins of the Korean War


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The Origins of the Korean War

What occured in 1948?

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Feb: North Korean People's Army established

May: Elections in South Korea

August: Republic of South Korea established with Syngman Rhee as President

September: Democratic People's Republic of Korea established lead by Kim II Sung

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The origins of the Korean War

What year did North Korea invade South Korea?

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The Course of the Korean War

By July 1950 the US had its first encounters with North Korean Army.

What was General MacArthurs master plan to force the North Korean Army back, and when did it occur?

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1950 15th September, the Inchon landings outflank North Korean forces, and force them into a retreat.

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At what point during the Korean War did China decide to intervene?

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Following the invasion of North Korea in October, after Pyongyang was captured Chinse launch a limited offensive near the border.

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What happened to US forces in the winter of 1950?

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There is massive Chinese offensive in November which attacks UN forces on the border.

In December Chinese move through North Korea and push south of the 38th parallel.

US suffers it worst retreat in military history, a humiliating 300 miles.

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At what point does the Chinese advance stop? Do they hold their new ground?

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 1951 :By January the Chinese occupy Seoul.

But by February/March the Chinese advance is stopped and forced back; Seoul is recaptured.

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When is General MacArthur sacked as Supreme US Commander?

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April 1951

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