In what ways does human activity attempt to manage the demand and supply of resources and development?

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  • In what ways does human activity attempt to manage the demand and supply of resources and development?
    • Factors that effect the management of resources
      • The type of resources
      • The issue
      • Location of issue
      • Scale
    • Resource issues
      • Depletion
      • Pollution
        • Extraction
        • Assimilation
      • Distribution
    • Increasing supply
      • Substitution
        • Search for a new and more abundant resource that does the job
      • Maximisation
        • Using the same resource but adaption of technology to mean less waste/more production
      • Recycling
    • Reducing demand
      • Substutustion
      • Recycling
      • Quotas
      • Rationing
    • E.U CFP
      • How the policy ensures sustainable supply
        • Quotas and limits set on individual fish stocks
        • Limits placed on fishing efforts e.g number of days at sea and size of nets
      • Evidence to suggest it is working
        • Catches of almost all species has gone down since 1960
        • Gross tonnage caught has decreased since 1999
      • Evidence to suggest it is not working
        • Biological limit of 0 Cod catches was set in North Sea in 2003-2007.  However, quota set by EU was between 23050 and 27000 tonnes
        • Quotas do not stop fishermen catching fish and then throwing unwanted fish back
    • 3 Gorges Dam
      • $25bn
      • Built on Yangste River
      • Biggest Dam every built
      • Can be seen from space
      • Tourist attraction
      • Provides HEP.  Will provide enough electricity for 1/10 of China's pop
      • Displaced over 1m people
      • Tectonically active zone
      • Starves downstream of sediment
      • Prevents flooding and provides freshwater
    • Organic Farming
      • Sustainable due to less env damage and better quality food
      • Unsustainable due to lower supply and higher cost
    • Hydroponics
      • Sustainable
        • Large output for small area
        • Grows quickly
        • Highly efficient
        • Fertilizers are contained
      • Unsustainable because artificial
  • Prevents flooding and provides freshwater


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