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  • Important people with Public Health
    • Edwin Chadwick
      • Health of Towns Association
        • Chadwick's propaganda campaign
        • Chadwick= de facto leader
        • Produced  a weekly sheet of facts and figures
      • 1842 Report
        • PLC let  him do full report
        • Took 3 years before published in 1842
        • Named names
        • To protect vested interests etc. the PLC refused to publish it
        • Largely self published by Chadwick himself
      • Royal Commission
        • Based on Chadwick's findings
        • Chadwick  hated by the public, needed to investigate further
      • Pilot Study
        • Believed that disease caused pauperism
        • So the PLC commissioned him to a pilot study
        • For London only
        • 3 doctors- Dr. James Kay, Dr. Southwood Smith and Dr. Neil Arnott
      • Public Health Act 1848
        • Created a Central Board Health
        • Chadwick became commissionerfor the CBOH
    • Joseph Bazalgette
      • Designed London sewers
      • Chief Engineer of the Metropolitan Board of Works
      • Only got the go ahead for his sewer plans after the Great Stink of 1858
      • Moved  sewage away to the tidal part of the Thames- and into the sea
    • Louis Pasteur
      • Developed the Germ Theory
      • Micro organisms caused disease in tape worms, why not in humans?
      • Developed into the 1860s
      • Believed  this caused disease
      • Not many believed him- wasn't until Robert Koch proved his theory later
    • John Simon
      • 1866 Sanitation Act
        • Key campaigner
      • Member of the Health of Towns Association
      • Chief Medical Officer to the government
    • John Snow
      • Discovered that Cholera was waterborne
      • Dead before his theory was  proved
      • Well organised investigations
      • Used  the Broad Street Pump as basis of investiagtion
      • His theory  called "Gentleman's Theory"
      • He was shy, so he did not push his theory
    • William Farr
      • Chief Statiscian
      • After  the Births, Deaths and Marriages  Registration Act 1837
      • Released lots of information on the causes of deaths
      • Helped to persuade people via facts and figures


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