civil rights 1955-69 movement


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greensboro sit ins 1960

aims - to end segregation in lunch counter and resteraunts in south

succes or failure - yes a success as woolworths eventually desegragated and marked a stage that showed youngf blacks were going to fight for their rights.

leader - the campaign was started by the SNCC who got MLK involved as a spokesperson

key figures - SNCC and MLK.

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freedom rides 1961

aims - to end segregation on interstate buses

success or failure - success, as media highlighted discrimination and pushed JFK and Robert Kennedy to order desegregation on all interstate travel. however JFK did have to be encouraged and pushed and racism in the police was highlighetd.

leader - campaign groups suchas SNCC and CORE

key figures - CORE, SNCC and police cheif Bull Connor who let racists attack the protesters.

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Albany, geogia 1961

aims - SNCC protesting against segregation in bus terminals

success or failure - failure, as city authorities refused to desegregate and police reacted peacefully. however media attention was gained.

leader - MLK was critised by NACCP and local black leaders, showed divisions within movement.

key figures - NAACP, SNCC, MLK and Laurie Pritchett

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Birmingham 1963

aims - to end all segregation and challenge discrimination in employment

success or failure - success as this campaign was crutial in getting JFK to propose civil rights act of 1964. the campaign highlighted the non-violent approach making whites generally sympathetic.

leader - MLK who used children ( critised for this ) to prtest at front to gain sympathy if violence was used against protesters.

key figures - MLK , bull connor

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march on washington

aims - to push forward civil rights legislation

success or failure - success, as MLK gained much attention with 250,000 attendents to his speech. well organnised and peaceful which helps push foward civil fights act of 1964.

leader - MLK led this protest with his 'i have a dream' speech

key figures - MLK and NAACP

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march on selma 1965

aims - to get voting rights act passed, in selma alabama only 23 blacks were registred to vote.

success or failure - success, as it encouraged LBJ to pas the voting rights act of 1965.

leader - led by MLK

key figures - MLK and SNCC

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