Hitler's Cult of Personality

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  • Hitler Cult of personality
    • Third Reich
      • Third Reign
      • Idea of a strong powerful leader
        • A leader the people can get behind
          • Hitler Myth
            • Believed that a country couldn't work with liberalism
    • Search for power
      • Becomes key figure in the Nazi Party
      • Wanted great power
    • Hitler Myth
      • Embodiment of Law and Order
      • Represents national influence
      • Architect of the German "Empirical"
      • A moderate against extremist
      • Commitment against the enemies of the people
      • The man of Peace
      • Military genius
    • Nazi's believes  in a rational superiority
    • Mien Kampf
      • Decribes how he dcan "Save" germany
    • Explain Hitler
      • Insane Madman
      • Loser -Failed artist like Germany in WW1
      • Sexual Deviant
    • How does Hitler come in to power
      • Depression
      • Technicalities
      • The inibility of the Weimar Republic weakness
      • History of storng powerful leader
      • November Criminals
      • Versailles
      • Vision of a new Germany
      • Communism -Reichstag Fire
      • Propaganda
    • Hitler Youth
    • Fuhrerprinzip


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