Impact of rising superpowers on old superpowers

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  • Impacts of rising new superpowers on the old superpowers
    • Recently the emergence of the new superpowers has been sen as an opportunity as the EU, Japan and USA have experience economic growth and falling consumer prices due to economic activity in NICs and RICS
    • It is thought in the future that the USA will become less dominant and that shortage of fuel, food and water will lead to conflicts
    • Named Example: Russia
      • Past 20 years Russia has uncovered significant reserves of oil and has which adds to their global power
      • Russia currently supplies 25% of EU gas and is the largest producer of natural gas in the world
      • Developed links with China and Asia's cities need to switch to less polluting natural gas
      • In 2006 Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine for 3 days and in March reduced supplies by 25%
      • In August 2007 Russian submarines planted 2 flags on the Arctic seabed claiming sovereignty over a large area
      • Russia supplies to Ukraine and EU cut off in 2008-09
    • Named Example: USA car industry
      • USA Car industry has shrunk since 1970s due to lack of investment and failure to compete with Japanese care technology
      • In 2000, car sales in the USA were at 17 million but this has declined in 2007 to 13 million
      • In 2008, top five best selling cars in the USA were Japanese


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