Impact on participation in elections

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  • Impact on participation in elections (Parry 1992 & Evans 1997)
    • Age
      • People under 35 are less likely to voice, they are more interested in direct action.
    • Socialisation  & Personality
      • Family beliefs/ traditions
      • Family background is an important determinant
      • Whether children are involved in political discussion
    • Social Class
      • Upper class = majority would be spectators or gladiators
      • Blue collar are more likely to vote Labour
      • White collar are more likely to vote conservative
    • Ethnic Origin
      • High turn out of Jewish population
      • Low turn out of African-Caribbean
    • Location of Residence
      • Participation is more likely in urban areas than rural.
      • Inner cities have a high turn out.
    • Gender
      • Men are traditionally more likely to vote, but recently women have begun to become more active.


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