1.1 what is a citizen

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  • 1.1 What is a citizen?
    • A citizen is a person who is a member of a country or state.
      • Constitutional monarchy is a form of government in which a monarch recognises Parliament as the chief law maker
      • Democracy is a system of government in which citizens are able to influence government decisions
      • Constitution is a set of rules that describes which institutions holds power within a state
    • Citizenship is belonging to a state as a citizen; participating in a community
      • Private
        • Active neighbour or friend
          • Listening to a friend
          • Fetching shopping for someone in need
          • Looking in on an elderly neighbour
          • Visiting an isolated neighbour
        • Family member
          • Looking after a brother or sister
          • Looking after a parent
          • Looking after an elderly relative
          • Raising children
      • Public
        • Volunteer
          • Political campaigning
          • Reading with children at a local school
          • Membership of a parish council
          • Helping in a charity shop.
        • Employee
          • Membership of a trade union
          • Paying taxes
          • Organising work colleagues to participate in charity activity
        • Employer
          • Membership of a trade association
          • Paying taxes
          • Sponsorship of community projects
    • Different views of citizenship
      • Communitarian
        • Citizens should abide by their responsibilities and duties because it helps to unite society and makes it stronger
        • Citizens have right; but also responsibilities to wider society
        • Citizenship requires an active contribution from citizens working together, as it ensures government is held to account and therefore does a better job
      • Individualist
        • Citizens have an obligation to follow the rules and laws of the state but have no other responsibilities/ duties
        • Citizens should have minimal impact on the lives of each other because individuals make the best decisions for themselves.
        • Citizens have rights which allow them freedom to do as they choose within the law


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