Labor 1945-51

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Labor - Why did they win?

The conservatives focused on Churchill with the slogan 'Let him finish the job'. They promised new homes and help for the poor and unemployed. Many conservative MPs opposed such ideas before so people didn't believe them.

Churchill's radio speech was a mistake - he said Labour wanted a socialist country and a Gestapo to run it. Claiming Labour was like the Nazi's was ridiculous and Clement Atlee (Labour Leader) had been deputy prime minister during the war.

People wanted improvements to the standard of living and to improve things after 6 years of war, they believed that they deserved this.

Labour offered a better future-better housing, more jobs, greater equality and reforms to deal with the problems highlighted by the Beveridge Report.

Labor - NHS

Before the NHS health care was private, poorer people could only access health care though volunteers and charities or though a health care panel. As well as even though workers were allowed health care this excluded their families, the minister of health (Aneurin Bevan) took note of the Beveridge report and created the national health service.

This then meant that the majority of health


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