Medical care: the impact of the NHS - modern

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  • Medical care: impact of the NHS
    • Phase one: improved access to care
      • The National Health Service was launched in 1948 by the Gov.
        • aimed to provide the same standard of medical care for the entire population of Britain, paid for by taxes.
        • Took over all hospitals, general practitioners and dentists, and made additional services (ambulance).
        • A huge take over: thousands of outdated hospitals, GP's that needed modernization increased waiting time and shorter appointments
        • access had improved because the NHS was available to all. However, provisions had not improved in the short term.
    • Phase two: High-tech medical and surgical treatments in hospitals
      • doctors were able to carry out more daring and intrusive surgeries than ever before
      • the development of machinery to treat the body and even replace parts of it that had stopped working also improved treatment.


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