The Beveridge Report, NHS and the Welfare State.

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The Beveridge Report

In the middle of the second World War, Sir William Beveridge was asked to research how the quality of life for the British people could be improved in post-war Briatain. He identified five giant social evils that plagued Britain: want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness. To deal with these problems, Beveridge recomended new principles which Britain should be built upon:

  • university-all people would be eligible for benefits
  • a national system of insurance-all workers and employees would pay in to a scheme to provide sickness benefit so that there would be no need for charity
  • family allowance-children
  • healthcare.

In July 1945, a Labour government came in to power and began to implement Beveridge's recommendations. These recommedations included:

  • Family Allowances Act, 1945- an allowance of five shillings per week per child in any family
  • National




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