Identity of a Place

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  • Changing Places: Identity of a Place
    • Globalisation
      • Made places feel less unique
      • They have become HOMOGENISED
      • eg. Increased presence of global chains.
    • CLONE TOWNS are homogenised. There is a sense of placelessness.
      • 41% of UK Town Centres clones. (where more than 50% are chain stores)
      • Cambridge: The pedestrian precinct is now lined with chains, 2/60 non-chain stores.
    • Glocalisation
      • a global company adapting to a local place.
      • eg The McDonald's Franchise. In Hindu countries beef has been removed from the menu. In Muslim countries, pork is removed.
    • LOCALISATION: some places are resisting the power of globalisation
        • Anti- Costa campaign. keeping an independent high street, it already has 42 places selling coffee.
        • Totnes Pound: local currency encouraging people to shop in the area. Less money will leak out of Totnes. Electronic, done by a mobile phone (doesn't have to be a smart phone so good for the elderly)
      • Brixton Local Currency
        • Why? Lined with chain stores, only 7% of food money spent at locals, 85p of £1 leaves the area (but 80p of £1 would stay if spent in local shops)
        • 1-1 exchange rates, paper notes, making a commitment to spending money in that area.
        • Problems: Most use card, not cash. Credit card technology expensive for local businesses.
        • Solution: pay by text, there has been a large increase in circulation, can even pay business fees in Brixton Pounds.


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