approaches to place

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  • Approaches to place
    • john Agnew
      • believes that for a space to become a place then three elements must be fulfilled: location, locale and sense of place
      • believed that is is crucial that all of the three conditions are considered in order to avoid the development of generalisations and sterotypes
    • Doreen Massey
      • place has multiples identities and there is simply no single identity associated with a specific place
      • place identity is strongly correlated with a sense of place developed in relation to our home
      • place identity is  developed as  a result of the meaning and significance of places of the inhabitants involved
      • place identity may help to determine if individuals are regionalists, localists or nationalists
      • places act as systems  without an inside and outside
    • Descriptive approach
      • explores how the world is a set of places. each place can be studied and is distinct
    • social constructionism approach
      • place is a product of a particualr set of social processes occurring at a particular time
    • Yi Fu Tuan
      • the importance of the phenomenological approach
      • space is a location that has no social connection or human activity permeating throughout it
      • space has no meaning
      • place is a centre for people to fulfil their biological needs and requirements
      • place is besides a visible expressions of specific time period
    • phenomenological approach
      • the interested in the unique character of the area or the construction of the place
      • considers how the individual experiences place and the  highly personal relationship between place and person
      • places are dynamic regions in which people ideas and infrastructure come together


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