Changing Places- categories of place key idea

I will be aiming to create mindmaps for geography as a new form of revision. Through this, other year 12 and 13 students can also benefit by it as I will be using a really good textbook to create these notes. 

If there are any other forms of note taking you would recommend me to do and upload- please comment or message me :)

Good luck everyone <3

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  • idea 2- categories of place
    • Near and Far places- they have several potential meanings
      • could be referring to geographical distance
      • or emotional connection with a particular area
    • Experienced place or media place
      • Experienced- place(s) person has spent time in
      • Media- only read about or seen in fillm or other sources
    • KEY POINT- geographically near place does not necesarrily mean you foster and identity of familiarity or belonging


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