Famine - human and physical causes

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  • Human and Physical Causes of Famine: Ethiopia 2000
    • Physical causes
      • Three years prior to 2000 Ethiopia experienced many seasons of poor rains. The drought was caused by cooler sea temperatures in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which consequently reduced evaporation and precipitation rates.
      • The drought then ruined crop production and in some places within Ethiopia led to up to 95% of livestock losses.
      • Ethiopia is a pastoral society and heavily reliant on agriculture, however Ethiopia most years never is able to produce enough food to feed the whole population, so therefore famine inevitably ensued.
    • Human causes
      • Conflict: They had been at war with Eritrea, one of Ethiopia's neighboring countries.
        • Most years Ethiopia relied on food aid, which gets dropped off at ports in Eritrea and transported through the country to Ethiopia and the Eritrean government have been cautious in letting the food reach Ethiopia as they dont want it to be misused by the military.
        • The war also caused banditting of food aid vehicles and a large proportion of Ethipoia's food aid is sent to the military
      • Overpopulation also contributed to the famine in Ethiopia
        • The population in Ethiopia is growing at a rapid rate and by 2000 the population was almost double what it was in 1984.
        • With the population growing it has put huge pressure on the land - land  is being deforested to clear more space for agriculture, which leads to overcultivation and overgrazing resulting in less food for people and animals and animals dying, which in turn means less food


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