Influence of Enoch Powell

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  • How influential was Enoch Powell?
    • Enthusiastic reception in Birmingham
    • 1969 poll = most admired man in Britain
    • News of the World in favour of Powell
      • 74% of poll agreed with him
    • Partly caused late 1960s skinhead culture - although was other factors too
    • Immediately sacked by Heath from the Shadow Cabinet
      • 7/10 disagreed with Heath
    • DOCKERS marched to support Powell when House of Commons were preparing to vote on the 1968 Race Relations Bill
      • This was the 1st time working class men had supported a Tory
      • By May 43000 letters + 700 telegrams of support
      • Also strikes in support in Norwich, Coventry and Gateshead
    • Encouraged  but didn't necessarily create prejudices
      • Came at a time of optimism changing
        • Black Power movement in US showing conse - quences of mixed - race communities in America


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