How has Globalisation helped and hindered development in China

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  • How has globalisation helped and hindered development in China
    • Helped
      • brings jobs and a better standard of employment
        • helps to improve the living standards of many people
      • Global significant of Nike's relationship with Chins increases
        • more foreign investments and money help the Chinese economy
        • Nike to invest superstores and head offices in Shanghai
      • improvement have been made in the infrastructure and services
      • Nike is improving working conditions for employees
        • spends $10million improving its code of conduct, enhancing regulations for fire safety, air quality, minimum wage and over time limits
    • Hindered
      • wages are still quite low
      • Jobs are low skilled and do not require high levels of education. it is difficult for people to improve themselves
      • working and living conditions are still poor
      • potential child labour in factories
      • profits go back to headquarters in USA and not China's economy
        • In 2012 Nike made $10.4 billion in profits


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