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GCSE Geography| Question 5| Globalisation | Paper 2
What are the Key Ideas for this Topic?
The Concept of globalisation and the recognition of global independence.
The influence of developments in ICT and transport
pros & cons of TNCs
Change in Manufacturing location
Globalisation and Energy demand
Globalisation and Food…

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Motorsport Valley is a global centre for engineering- taking graduates from nearby top Universities- Oxford and Cambridge
Relies on good communication links ­ (phones and transport) to export 60% of its products and services.

The Pros and Cons of TNC's
Transnational Corporation- Companies that produce and sell products in different…

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Siemens provides primary healthcare clinics on wheels for the rural population in India, treating over 60,000 people.


Working conditions in the factories can be very harsh and sometimes without air conditioning facilities.

Some workers do not receive benefits and are left to pay for health treatment out of their…

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The Percentage of China's GDP that came from agriculture fell from 30% to <15% between 1978 and 2004.
Number of products produced has increased rapidly e.g. 1978. China sold 4000 TVs. 2004.China sold 75 million TVs
China manufactures a large range of goods e.g. computers, furniture & Clothes.
Many TNC's…

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Burning fossil fuels releases Carbon Dioxide which adds to global warming. This will cause the sea level to rise, cause extreme
weather and will make some species extinct. Using more fossil fuels will increase Global warming.
Burning fuels also releases Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide which dissolves in water in…

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Cash crops are those which are produced for the purpose of generating cash or money.

Examples of cash crops include: Coffee, sugarcane, Jute and rice.


There are many advantages to cash crop farming such as an increased source of income/ better quality of life for the farmer, generates

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Using Renewable Energy
Energy needs to be sustainable. This means it needs to allow people alive today to get what they need (energy), but without
stopping people in the future getting what they need.
The idea of sustaining came from the Bible in which God named us as protectors and…

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The Carbon Credits Trading Scheme
Countries that come under the emissions target by 2012 will be rewarded by receiving carbon credits which they can sell to
countries that aren't meeting their emission target.
Countries that help poorer countries reduce their emissions can earn more carbon credits. This is good because…

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9. Suggest reasons why TNC's move their factories to LEDC's. (6 Marks)

10. Describe one other reason why factories are moved to NIC's (2 Marks)

11. Describe what is meant by the term "deindustrialisation". (1 Mark)

12. Describe the effects of deindustrialisation on MEDC's. (2 Marks)

13. Describe and explain…


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