How effective were guerilla tactics?

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  • How effective were guerilla tactics?
    • Code of conduct
      • Set of rules Vietcong followed to gain support of the Vietnamese people
        • Examples
          • Be fair
          • Be polite
          • Return anything borrowed
          • Do not flirt with women
          • Do not damage crops
      • Why was it effective?
        • Helped to win support of the local people
          • These people hid and protected them
        • Made them able to operate within Southern village communities
    • Tunnels
      • Extensive tunnel networks were built in the countryside
        • Built to help Vietcong live and hide
          • Networks included weapon stores, sleeping quarters, kitchens and hospitals
      • Why were they effective?
        • Difficult to find
        • Well protected with booby traps
    • Ho Chi Minh trail
      • Supply route between North Vietnam and South Vietnam
        • Passed through Laos and Cambodia
          • This was to avoid US destruction by air
            • Weapons and men supplied South through route for entire war
              • Later connected with oil to so trucks could fill up on way down
      • Why was it effective?
        • Well hidden extensive network highlighted organisation and determination of North
          • Also highlighted inability of the USA to destroy the route
    • Booby traps
      • Placed on routes used for patrol
      • Examples of booby traps
        • Punji sticks
        • Crossbow traps
        • Spiked mud balls
        • Bear traps
        • Land mines
      • Why were they effective?
        • Could slow any advance to a snail's pace
        • Had psychological impact on US troops
          • Created fear of traps whilst on patrols
        • Caused many casualties
    • Capture and kill
      • Vietcong would get jobs in US camps, washing and cleaning
        • From here attacks could be launched
      • Surprise attacks were used to ambush men on patrol, torture them, then kill them
      • Why was this effective?
        • Played to Vietcong's strengths as they could pick off soldiers when they were in smaller numbers and weaker
        • The knowledge they had of local terrain made ambush a successful tactic


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